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If you purchased items at EyeCandy using PayPal in the past, you can proceed to Begin Your PayPal Purchase.


This site uses PayPal to perform business transactions. PayPal has proven to be a very safe, secure and an inexpensive approach for noncommercial web sites to accept credit cards. You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to use PayPal to purchase items from this site. However, if you live outside the US a PayPal account is required.


For more information on PayPal you can visit the site at Paypal is an E-Bay company.


Prices are usually noted with the item description throughout this site. However, much of the work is customized to customer preferences, thus making set pricing impossible. If a price is not listed with the item, or if you would like a customization, then send an email to explaining your item of interest. A reply will be sent with the price.


If You Have Never Used PayPal

Please review the How To instructions if you have never used PayPal. After reviewing this information proceed to Begin Your PayPal Purchase.


If You Have a PayPal Account

To complete your transaction you must have your PayPal account information ready along with item description and price. Because you have an account shipping information, email address, and phone number will be provided by PayPal during your purchase.  Proceed to Begin Your PayPal Purchase


If You Have Used Paypal Without a PayPal Account

The How To information can serve as a reminder if you need help otherwise proceed to Begin Your PayPal Purchase.


Begin Your PayPal Purchase From EyeCandy


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Your transaction will be complete when you are returned to this page. A receipt for your purchase will  be emailed to you from PayPal. You may also log into your PayPal account (if you have one) at to view details of your transaction.


Thank you for your payment, and I hope you enjoy your purchase.

As a backup measure please send an email to EyeCandy noting that you made a Paypal purchase.


Other Payment Methods


Purchasing By Personal Check


Personal checks can be accepted as payment. You will need to send an email with the description of the item. A response will be sent to you with the details of how to complete your order.


Purchasing Through an Art Gallery


As good as the photography is at EyeCandy, you may still want to see the item in person before making a purchase decision. If you familiar with a local art gallery and would like the see the item at that gallery, then please forward an email with the item description and gallery contact information.


The gallery will be contacted to determine if the contractual consignment arrangements can be made. If they are open to the arrangements, then the item will be shipped to the gallery. You can then visit the gallery to determine if you want to make the purchase through the gallery.


You will need to cover the shipping and handling cost when the item is shipped to the gallery. This amount will be reimbursed if you decide to make the purchase from the gallery. The shipping amount could be as much as $200 for the larger sculptures.




The following price list can be used as a general guideline where prices are not posted for an item. Click on an item's link to find samples of each item type.




Price Range

Item Description

Wood Sculptures


Wood carvings using lath, chain saws, and assorted carving tools.

Marbles   $50 to $300    Small marbles are one and one half inches, larger ones are up to 3 inches
PaperWeights   $50 to $300    Paper Weights are free form glass items with similar dimensions as marbles. They are found in the marble galleries and are listed as paper weights or Raku Rocks.
Wood Tunings    $500 to $5000   The higher end items are those with multiple glass elements.
Prints    $100 to $500   Unframed archival quality prints.
Glass Panels   $500 to $1000   Panels can vary greatly in size and complexity of design.

Craft Items


 $50 to $500


There are various types of crafts for sale.



Furniture is completely custom designed and priced comparably to high-end furniture galleries. Due to the labor intensive process and my availability the actual construction may be subcontracted.

To be realistic, due to shipping costs, time involved, and other considerations if it is not a unique design containing customized glass inclusions, then your local  furniture gallery will offer a better investment.


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