Charlie straightened, his deep green eyes perplexed. "I said as much. John said something weird, something like 'the knowledge of a thing is worth money in the bank.' I didn't know what he meant. I was more concerned about his allegations against Janelle. He made it sound like she was sleeping with me--that she got pregnant--in order to force me to get you to change your mind about Grandy's inheritance and share with John." He stopped, his mouth thinning into an angry line. "I almost hit him then."

"I probably would have hit him," Livvie said. "Long before that." She regarded Charlie with exasperated affection. "You didn't answer my question about marriage. Are you and Janelle getting married?"

"I asked her and she said no."

I exchanged a look with Livvie. "Well, duh," she said cheerfully. "Obviously she doesn't want to marry you just because she's pregnant."

"I don't know how to convince her I want to marry her anyway."

"Do you?" I asked. "Or do you just feel obligated?"

He didn't answer for a long minute then he looked me straight in the eye. "How do you feel about marrying Sam? Don't you feel obligated to marry him after that accident last year? How will he get along without you?"

We stared at each other and I saw all my guilt, worry, and insecurity mirrored in his eyes. I loved Charlie and I loved Sam.

What was I going to do?